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Episode 11: News – Vault7, Worlds Best Healthcare 2017 feat. @MurderBryan

Episode 11: News – Vault7, Worlds Best Healthcare 2017 feat. @MurderBryan
This week, with VIP guest @MurderBryan, the Discourse Newsboys (@geckofantasies, @mmalloyboy, @RIPMarkusJ, @cuckymcfucky) talk about the Vault7 leak and the CIA, and the World’s Best Healthcare Bill 2016, the most poorly named legislation of all time. Bryan fills us in a little bit on the stuff Street Fight is going to be doing, and we scream about how awful call centers and Phoenix, AZ is.

Also, @mmalloyboy is deeply sorry that he sounds like he’s calling in from a tin can at the bottom of the ocean, his mic fucked up while traveling.

Articles/Info we discuss:

Vault 7 + Dems love Daddy CIA


GOP “Healthcare”

Source: Discourse Collective