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Episode 20: Current Events – American Wasteland

Episode 20: Current Events – American Wasteland
Hosts Sid Hatfield (@geckofantasies), Malloy (@mmalloyboy) and Markus (@RIPMarkusJ), discuss the various issues oppressing and exploiting the poor and vulnerable in America, institutional poverty, unsafe working conditions, and drug epidemics.

While doing research for this pod, the gang uncovered an interesting link; a doctor and chairperson of a landmark panel from 1992 that roundly called for an increase in the use of opiates in care for trauma victims and post-surgery patients was made President of an interdisciplinary society called “The American Academy Of Pain Medicine” that seeks to guarantee patient access to opiate based pain relief while now acknowledging the dangerously addictive nature of this practice.

The AAPM’s positions are largely couched in a “hands off doctors” posture, however, they present an authoritative appeal to keep the prescribing of opiates ‘business as usual’ despite institutional attempts to recognize the nature of the opioid addiction problem and attempt measures to remedy it.

1. Acute Pain Management: Operative or Medical Procedures and Trauma, Panel Co-chairs: Daniel B. Carr, M.D. (https://archive.ahrq.gov/clinic/medtep/acute.htm)
“Fears of postsurgical addiction to opioids are generally groundless.”

2. AAPM website, board (http://www.painmed.org/membercenter/board-of-directors/)
Source: Discourse Collective