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Episode 8: Special Interview – The Dutch Election

This week, we’re bringing on a guest to discuss the Dutch Election. Helping us dissect this horrorshow is @drangryface and Alexander Nieuwenhuis, a Dutch political activist. In this episode, we break down the dozen or so parties participating in the election, as well as the threat posed by weird Willy Wonka-looking ass Geert Wilders.
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Episode 6: News – Tom Perez, The Weather, and Cops Are Still Bad

Welcome back to the Collective. With us this week is @geckofantasies, @NovemberBrav0 and @mmalloyboy, and the first ever episode featuring @verysmallanna, a Brooklyn-based cook. Check her out at and expect to hear more from her, as well as other members of the Collective Deep State, in future episodes!

This week, things still are bad. Specifically, bad things this week include Tom Perez being elected by a council of noblemen to chair the Democratic Party, global warming creating some truly mindbogglingly insane weather, and cops putting comic book logos on their cars because….cops.

Tom “Bomb the Feds” Perez:

Global Hell Weather Report:

Long Arm of the Lawn:

Punisher Cop:
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Episode 4: News – That Damn Conference, That Damn Dam, That Damn Article

Happy Presidents Day, folks! In honor of this extra special fever dream of a holiday, we brought on @tankiesinatra for his inaugural appearance on the Discourse Collective. This week, we’re going to talk about Donald “The Large One” Trump’s surreal press conference, the near-failure of the Oroville Dam, and the insanely bad TERF bullshit recently published in the American Conservative that tore lefty twitter apart. Also, we get heated over ICE and reiterate that immoral truth: All Cops Are Bastards.

On this episode, we present @pnw_trope, @hanniballefter, @mmalloyboy, @geckofantasies, as well as our sweet boy Fuckley himself, @tankiesinatra.
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