About the Collective


What we believe:

The Discourse Collective is a collaborative project focusing on Leftist imaginations of politics, theory, and culture. The Left has been plagued with infighting, jargon-heavy debate, and an opacity to outsiders that produces an overwrought echo chamber. In response, we hope to establish a nonsectarian platform to analyze and interpret the world from a variety of positions in an entertaining and informative way. The Discourse Collective will be a place for people new to left-wing philosophies, old veterans of various tendencies, and everyone in between.

The collectivists themselves:


Malloy, aka Drone Chomsky, is a ecology student researcher who hates Nazis and loves reading excessive amounts of leftist theory almost as much as he loves shitposting. @mmalloyboy

November Bravo

November Bravo is the premier troops correspondent for The Discord Collective; likes guns, tattoos, motorcycles, hates white nationalists and capitalism. @NovemberBrav0


Film correspondent and resident cannibal. @hanniballefter


Barbarossa is an Ivory Tower residing academic-in-training, southerner, IWW recruiter, and barbecue expert. @copcemetery


Occasional audio muck-abouter for the Discourse Collective. Queer Australian enby. @tinytachyon


Communalist, urbanist, high schooler of the group and resident train kid. @mittim99

Sid Hatfield

Police Chief, Matewan, WV. vega from the street fighter @geckofantasies


Revolutionary, student of Marx, cratered on LSD, problematic. Ask me how the abolition of private property can help you today! @RIPMarkusJ

William F. Fuckley

William F. Fuckley is a Gamergate Activist, proprietor of Comet Ping Pong Pizza, and Journalist with Bylines in Breitbart, InfoWars, and Yahoo Answers. @TankieSinatra


Some know him as the prince, a wolf unto others. Some simply refer to him as a thing, a presence in the backyard or street. From the deeper Pacific Northwest backwoods it's your friend - @pnw_trope.


Canvas totebag leftist. Marxist-Leninist with green characteristics. Rich in fiber. I read books and occassionally understand them. I talk about them either way. @comrade_celery


Official Discourse Collective IT support. Black, Fully Automated, dumb, antifa, useful idiot. I like comic books and Mexican food. @puketron